Monday, June 27, 2011

Philly Fringe festival; updates coming soon

We've been taking a few months' break from this dance since our ReVision performances and I've mostly been working a lot on music lately.  That said, I will be posting video from our NYC shows very soon!  I've been holding off on that a bit, as I think the videos will be more interesting coming along with something else I have in the works.

In the meantime, a bit more news --  we'll be performing We the People several times over Labor Day weekend as part of the Philly Fringe festival.  I'm really pleased to announce that all of our performances that weekend will take place in Washington Square, which is such a fitting location for this piece.  Our shows will be happening Sunday and Monday, September 4 and 5, and we'll run the dance three times each afternoon.  You can find start times and more information on our website calendar here.

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