Monday, March 7, 2011

dance process journal #8: the New Yorkers

So here's another reason for the video journal:  I'm mostly working in Philadelphia right now, but I also wanted to bring in some of my NYC dancers.  This online journal helps the New Yorkers learn the structure of the piece, so that when I do rehearse in NYC we can move much more quickly.  Since they will both know the "game rules" of the dance, the two groups will be able to perform together sometimes even though they rehearse separately.  This is only the second rehearsal with the NYC dancers but you'll see that they're almost caught up with what we have been working on in Philly.

We have some performances coming soon in which both groups will dance together and I'm excited to see how that goes, since the movements of this piece require the dancers to become familiar with each others' bodies and movement styles.  I'm also looking forward to exploring what we can do with this structure using a larger number of dancers.

Dancers:  Rebekah J. Kennedy, Kumiko Nasu, Virginia Pedicord

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