Friday, July 1, 2011

dance process journal #13: ReVision Series footage; Spirit of 76 (song for We the People)

So here is the "something else" that I've been working on -- I have just now released a recorded version of "Spirit of 76 (song for We the People)," out today on iTunes, CDBaby and Bandcamp.  I wanted you to be able to hear this better version before posting the ReVision footage, since we used this song in the dance for those performances and the audio quality isn't very good on that video.  You can listen to the new version below:

I've also written a little more about the song on my regular blog.

So, finally -- some footage from our Re:Vision shows in NYC!  

In adding the live singing to this dance, I wanted to move through the central space sometimes and not always stay on the edge, but I didn't want to distract too much from what the dancers were doing.  So I waited until they had danced for quite some time before I entered, and performed as a statue singing onstage and only occasionally drifting through the action.  Overall I felt this worked well with the dance.  The Tank stage wasn't very big and I was a little challenged trying to keep my feet from getting snarled up in the fabric, so I don't really like how I'm walking here!  I would try to find a better solution for that next time.  The dancers all did a great job and, since they used the side walls often, the stage didn't seem as small as I had feared even though we had 6 dancers on it plus myself.

Having the dancers "write on the parchment" background was an idea that came at the last minute, but I felt it added a strong layer and would definitely want to include that in future performances in theater spaces.  Next time I would get the projection to show as portrait rather than landscape, though.  We also changed the ending of the dance after this performance, just in a small way, by having a few of the dancers hesitate and then come straggling offstage after the rest of us.  I don't really like how we exit in one big clump in this video; it works better to have a few stragglers, which is how we did it on Saturday.

This was my favorite of the two performances, so I posted it even though my camera was a little crooked!

Performed by:  Loren Groenendaal, Lacy James, Rebekah J. Kennedy, Kumiko Nasu, Virginia Pedicord, Katherine Kiefer Stark, Barbara Tait

"Spirit of 76 (song for We the People)" credits:
Lyrics, music, vocals, cellos, electronics: Lacy James
Cover design: Mereminne Productions
Lacy James photo used by kind permission of Bill Hebert 

Liberty Bell photo used by kind permission of Tony the Misfit through Creative Commons